Shake phones - No more Handshaking

Yes , Shaking hand is unhygienic right . So better shake your phone to exchange  business cards digitally on a flash.

$25M in dustbin everyday

88.8% of paper business cards land in the dustbin within one week Around $8 billion worth of paper cards goes in to dustbin/year  ($25M per day)


You have full control on  what information you want to share with whom. Your connections cannot share your contact data without your permision

Secure your own DhashCard

Comes with a smart D# Code which serves as your Digital Business Identity .

  • Shake your phone to exchange DhashCard on the flash
  • Are you using a dumb paper business card? Get a smart digital card and stand aside from the crowd
  • Dynamically update your company, designation or phone no anytime and it gets updated to all your connections
  • Tells you where and when you exchanged cards
  • Atmost privacy
    • - remove someone from your card stack and it will delete u from their contacts . It just goes away
    • Connect with someone and he cannot just share your contact info with a 3rd party without your permission
    • Control what you info you want to share with whom
  • See who of your contacts are already there in a event you are attending
digi biz

Are you a company?

  • Company can digitally issue to employees and have complete control remotely
  • Company can - Get your sales peoples connect to CRM  - its ur asset

Multiple Identities

We are not the same person always -  Identify differently with different groups. Create multiple DHashCards

Save Trees

Are you being socially responsible? 10,000,000,000 business cards are printed annually. 88% goes to thrash which means 255500 trees destroyed for nothing

Lets make the change...

Throw away paper cards once for all and book your own  D#code ...We will notify when the App is ready